Social Storytellers

Thought Pennies exists to bring full social storytelling to Role-Playing Games.

We are here to bring to life the dream we all had when we first heard there were massively multiplayer RPGs, of players living their distinct RPG fantasies in a community of like-minded people where the game supported and encouraged collaboration and there was both a history and a future to the ongoing campaign that was the community’s story.

Not a better theme park or one with more choices, but worlds where communities must interact and work together to make the choices that change the ongoing stories of those worlds and face the consequences of their actions.

Higher Art Through Better Technology

We talk about technology as much as we do creative vision and storytelling prowess. We want to build the biggest, most interesting games with the smallest team possible. We’re uninterested in staggering under the weight of thousand-person dev teams with hundreds of people working as merely cogs. With a focus on technology to solve known pipeline production and leaning on partnerships to handle repetitive tasks in which they specialize, our name Thought Pennies came from a discussion where we asked:

“Can we just hire the best thinkers and really take care of them well?”

Our answer: “Enthusiastically, unequivocally yes!”

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