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What’s it like to work at Thought Pennies?


We’re unabashedly pro-labor.

We started from the simple rubric of “as devs, how do we believe devs should be treated?” The answer was not fancy coffee machines, frisbees with company logos on it, or an amazing atrium filled with statues of game characters that led to an enormous open office of people locked away from the outside world. It was getting to see our families, it was being treated like adults, it was not worrying about benefits and not having to guess if we were paid fairly.


Committing to fair and transparent hiring practices.

Adding to the studio is a critical and thoughtful process for both the applicant and Thought Pennies. Our hiring practices respect the time by all sides to determine a clear role and ability for all to thrive. We pay on a level-based system with no exceptions and all employee salary levels are open to the entire team. When hiring we discuss every part of the possible offer up front, so nobody has their time wasted. We interview with the immediate managers and the studio at large and include a process to check against known bad actors. We strive to maintain a fully remote, lifestyle-focused studio that hires responsible adults and treats them as such.


Remote studio with Industry-leading benefits.

We care about the wellbeing of studio members. We offer a range of industry leading benefits. And we operate based on responsibility and results, not against the clock. We have a couple sets of core hours and we don’t care where people live or if they want to move. We’ve hired a diverse group of motivated thinkers and we let them do what they do best.

Job Openings

Thought Pennies Entertainment is a Role-Playing Game studio creating games focused on social storytelling. We celebrate diversity and a people-first approach to game development. We are fully remote.